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PMU Cartridges 0.30 5F, 5.5mm taper normal flat (EN02B) 20 pcs

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Product information "PMU Cartridges 0.30 5F, 5.5mm taper normal flat (EN02B) 20 pcs"
The EN02B 0.30 5F, 7.5mm Taper Curved Flat Tattoo Cartridge Needle is sold in a pack of 20 sterilized, separate units.
Key Features:

Clear Visuals: The transparent cartridges allow you to see the flow of ink and the movement of the needle, providing greater control and precision

Optimized Needle Tips: With sloped round tips and arced flat tips, these cartridges cater to a variety of artistic techniques, from precise detailing to broader strokes

Safety: The rubber band-loaded cartridges are equipped with a plastic membrane whch stops ink flowing back into the machine

Ease of Use: These cartridges are user-friendly, ensuring quick installation and removal

Specifications and Relevance to You as an Artist


Flat/F Cartridge: Flat cartridges are often chosen for shading or coloring larger areas. They are great for consistent ink delivery and smooth gradients

Needle Diameter:

0.30mm: Slightly broader diameter, suitable for standard to bold line work and shading, giving you flexibility in style and technique

Needle Tip:

5F: Broader shading possibilities and pigment packing options.

Taper Length:

Medium Tapers (5.5mm): A balanced choice, providing versatility for both moderate lining and shading, and controlled and even ink flow.

Hygiene and Quality:

  • Medical-Grade 304 Surgical Stainless Steel: This material is recognized for its durability, corrosion resistance, and hygiene, ensuring that each needle remains sharp

  • Medical-Grade Plastic: By using medical-grade plastic for the cartridge tips, the cartridges provide a safer, non-reactive experience for clients

  • Ethylene oxide (E.O.) Sterilization: E.O. ensures each cartridge is free from microorganisms, prioritizing client safety. The individual blister pack sealing ensures sterility until use.