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PMU Cartridges 0.25 1R, 5.5mm taper (EN17) 20 pcs

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The EN17 0.25mm 1R, 5.5mm Taper Tattoo Cartridge Needle is sold in a pack of 20 sterilized, separate units.

Key Features:

  • Transparent Tip: Offers you a clear view of ink flow, allowing for real-time adjustments and better control during sessions

  • Safety: The safety membrane ensures a hygienic working environment

  • Elongated Tip Profile: Minimizes leakage during use, providing an improved field of view and reducing ink dispersion with its vacuum

  • Siphon Aisle Needle Tip: Specially designed to handle thicker ink, ensuring a smooth and consistent flow during application

  • Advanced Membrane System: The quick rebound silicone membrane prevents backflow and reduces operational noise and vibration

Configuration: Round Liner/RL Cartridge:

  • Designed to offer sharp, consistent lines

  • Ideal for detailing, whether it is precise outlines or creating subtle shading

  • Its consistent ink flow ensures that each stroke is delivered precisely, making it a great option for intricate designs and Permanent Makeup

Needle Diameter
0.25mm: Suitable for high precision and detailing, often used for delicate shading or creating fine lines.

Needle Tips for Tattoos & PMU
1R Tip: Ideal for ultra-fine details in both tattoos and PMU. Offers precision that's perfect for intricate designs, hair strokes, and detailed eyeliner in PMU treatments.

Taper Length
5.5mm (medium): Provides versatility for both moderate lining and shading, allowing for a controlled and even ink flow.


Hygiene and Reliability

  • Medical-Grade 304 Stainless Steel: Known for its strength, this ensures the needle stays sharp and clean

  • Medical-Quality Plastic: The cartridge tips made of this plastic mean it's safe and doesn't react with the skin

  • Ethylene oxide (E.O.) Sterilization: This method makes sure every cartridge is germ-free. Each is packed separately so that they stay completely sterile until opened.