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Phi Traveler Set

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The Phi Traveler Set is delivered in a sleek gift box, and contains a passport case and a luggage tag with the Phi logo.

The passport case comes protects your passport from wear and tear, and comes with numerous slots to insert cards or other travel documents, so you have all of your essentials with you in one handy case. On the front of the black passport case, there is the famous Phi logo, as well as ‘Phi Nation Passport’ wrriten in gold text.

The luggage tag is a great way to make sure your luggage has a unique touch to pick out from the crowd, and comes with a personal information card. Simply fill out your contact details and reinsert - then you are good to start travelling! The black luggage tag has the Phi logo on the front, and underneath incorporates the logo into the text ‘Find Your Purpose’

Travel with some Phi style!

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