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Lashes Lifting Sachet Set

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This Lashes Lifting Set has all 3 sachets needed for the treatment process - covering steps 1, 2 and 3. The treatment creates naturally lifted and even lashes without the need for mascara.

Step 1 - The Lashes Lifting Cream Sachet* is applied to no more than half way up the lashes. This creates a long-lasting lifting, volume boosting effect for the lash.

Step 2 - The Lashes Lifting Neutralising Sachet* is used to lock in the lifting effect of Step 1. In addition, the neutralising solution helps prevent damage to the lashes and creates a healthy shine.

Step 3 - The Lashes Lifting Moisturising Serum Sachet* is applied to gently detach the lashes from the silicone shield used during treatment. The sachet has a nourishing effect on the lash line itself. Eyelashes are left evenly spread, soft and healthy.

Each Lashes Lifting Set contains:

  • 10x Lashes Lifting Cream Sachets 1,5ml

  • 10x Lashes Lifting Neutralising Sachets 1,5ml

  • 10x Lashes Lifting Moisturising Serum Sachets 1,5ml

Each (1) sachet is sufficient for approximately 3-4 treatments.

*Please refer very closely to the Lashes Lifting Treatment Manual instructions to allow the correct developing time of the sachets at each step.

In addition to its remarkable lash lifting benefits, this versatile Lashes Lifting Sachet Set can also be used for brow lifting, giving you perfectly sculpted and well-defined eyebrows. Transform your brows to achieve a more youthful and polished appearance with ease.