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   Master Dovile Zilinskaite of Branko Babic Microblading Academy teaches the microblading technique of PhiBrows hair strokes which is specially adapted to European and Asian standards of beauty. The program of the online course is very informative and it is best for beginners as well as for experienced ones.

 Basic Information

  • Students sign a Confidentiality Agreement of Information;
  • Students have to possess the appropriate Android or an IOS device (a phone or a tablet);
  • The course and support could last up to six months;
  • Certificate is obtained after successfully passing all 11 required levels;
  • You will receive a PREMIUM PhiBrows Starter Kit.

 When students complete basic lessons , they continue every day communication with Master Dovile via specially created application called ‘CraftMaster‘ (download it from App store). ‘CraftMaster‘ App provides access to all Microblading lessons. Microblading lessons consist of 12 hours full HD video materials, 2D animations and texts with photos. ‘CraftMaster‘ App has 11 levels that must be passed in order to become certified Artist. Each level has practice assessment that contains photos. During the training we additionally create a CraftMaster Viber group to provide all possible support by Dovile Zilinskaite.




Students will learn:

  • Hygiene and conditions of the work
  • adequate tool handling
  • basic skin problems and illnesses
  • depth and precision as well as pigment application
  • calculating the shape according to the proportions of the face by using Phi compass-divider  (golden intersection 1.618)
  • digital determination of the symmetry
  • various post-treatment actions according to different skin  types
  • colour durability and maintenance
  • correct filling of the pigment and neutralizing of the pigment
  • factors that affect colour and/or colour lasting, etc.


Students will be assessed through:

  • acquiring the general information and hygiene
  • form and position of the strokes on a skin simulation
  • preciseness of strokes
  • appropriate filling and the applied pressure
  • density of the strokes
  • usage of pigments
  • connection of the strokes
  • appropriate recording of the strokes

The entire training, conversation, evaluation, imaging papers go through the levels until the certificate appears in the student’s profile on application.


 You can buy the online training directly in our online shop: HERE

 After the payment and required information, students will receive a PREMIUM starter's kit which is included in the course price.

- 1 Phi compass – divider
- 20 PhiBrows disposable tools - U blade  eccentric
- 10 PhiBrows disposable tools- U blade classic
- 2 x universal Microblading Holder
- 1 PhiBrows tool (stainless steel)
- 3 x skin simulations
- Scissors
- Tweezers
- 2 mineral pencils for drawing
- 8 pigments 10ml: Brown 1 SUP, Brown 2 SUP, Brown 3 SUP, Golden Brown SUP, Fox SUP, Arabian Night SUP, Sunset SUP, Warm effect SUP
- Aftercare : 1 box of Skin Candy (50 p.)
- 50 U blades


For more information please contact:

phone (Viber; Whatsup): +44 7377376366
London, United Kingdom