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PhiRemoval Enzyme Power Peel is a next level advanced skin resurfacing formula, providing a highly efficient brightening effect of undesirable skin pigmentation and spots, which results with more even complexion.

It deeply acts on the treated area providing skin regeneration and skin  renewal, without damaging the skin if used properly. The micro enzymes in this formula gradually speed up skin cells turnover, achieving the desired effect in a timely manner.

Only for professional use. For safety reasons, PhiRemoval products are only available to certified PHIREMOVAL students.

Send your certificate to for approval or upload it to your account

Ho to use

Before treatment, the current skin condition must be considered. Do not use on open or damaged skin. The recommended time of passes is 4 until the epidermis is removed, performed according to a previous training observed. Next treatment can be performed after 3/4 weeks. The final result may vary of the pigment depth and how old of a tattoo is treated. The client should follow aftercare advices given by the professional performing the treatment, avoid any abrasive treatments, keep the scab dry for the next 48h and don't apply any cosmetic or hygienic products to the treated area for 10-14 days.

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