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PhiBrows Microblading Pigment Set

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PhiBrows Microblading Pigment Set is a Set with 5 of our SUPE pigments. With these you can fulfil all of your client's needs.

Our PhiBrows pigment have been developed over years and have been enhanced on a regular basis. The outcome is the cleanest Microblading pigment you can find!

Goodbye red, blue and grey shades!

One of the most important characteristics of our pigments is the formula, which contains 0% of heavy metals. On account of this, no discolouration of the eyebrows will occur.

Why SUPE is the best Microblading pigment out there:

  1. It is the only pigment you can remove in only one laser session.
  2. Due to its hydrophobic formula, it can not be mixed with water and therefore it is perfect to draw crisp and precise lines.
  3. Bioinertness: This means that the pigment will not cause any unwanted reactions of the skin during the treatment.

For example:

  • Swellings
  • Allergic reactions
  • Infections
  • Itchiness

This pigment was developed in a way the body doesn't see it as a foreign object. The coating technology provides protection from UV rays. This Microblading pigment contains ingredients, that are comforting and calming the skin. They play an important role in a fast skin recovery and therefore lead to better results.

This Microblading set includes:

  • Goldenbrown: This Microblading pigment is used for people with very fair hair.
  • Brown 1: On people with natural blonde hair you use Brown 1 for Microblading.
  • Brown 2: This is our most used Microblading pigment, because it is very versatile. It is used for people with brunette hair and it can be used in small doses for blonde haired clients and for people with black hair for more fullness.
  • Brown 3: This Microblading color is for people with dark hair and darker skin complexion.
  • Fox: This pigment is used for people with light skin and natural red pigment in their hair.

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