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Phi-Ion PRO

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The new Phi-Ion Pro brings your technique to a whole new level!
It is a redesigned and improved version of the Phi-Ion, so it is a minimally invasive cosmetic tool for precisely oriented sublimation of the superficial skin layer. It is based on transmission of controlled quantity of energy by ionization of the atmospheric air.

The device is adopted by an intelligent technology and the latest mechanization of the ion emitting function. Furthermore finest triggers ensure smooth handling.

It incorporates the most recent high-carbonization technology, giving you the option to treat various skin-issues, such as skin tags, spots, mole, warts and much more, while the extremely fin pen triggers avoid pain relief and skin injuries.

The PHI-ION PRO is wireless, sturdy and durable. It includes multiple new gears for different levels of treatment intensity, suitable to customize the treatment according to the skin concern.

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