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PhiAcademy London is among the few Official PhiAcademies in the world and the only one in the United Kingdom. PhiAcademy London is licensed and working under all requirements stipulated by the United Kingdom statutory authorities. 

Dovile Zilinskaite is the founder of PhiAcademy London and the main trainer for PhiBrows Microblading and PhiContour Semi Permanent Make Up. Dovile was one of the first PhiAcademy Masters and only one titled Grand Master by PhiAcademy in the United Kingdom.
During the five years experience with PHI, she has succeeded in developing, innovating and creating new techniques, transferring her knowledge to a generous number of students. 

PhiSeller Premium Store - Is the official PHI products seller in the United Kingdom managed by PhiAcademy London.


Training includes
·         2-day LIVE training theory and practice on live models
·         Premium kit with all the necessary equipment for up to 100 treatments
·         6 months of attentive support through the online Craft Master application.

The theoretical part of the training is mainly focusing on dermatology, skin histology, coloristic, pigmentology, contraindications before and after treatment, skin pathology, hygiene and health and safety requirements, correct technical details, shaping symmetry, etc.

The practical part comes down to practice on skin simulation on the first day and practice on live models on the second day. Practicing on live models represents shaping and filling techniques with the guidance of the Master for a perfect results and precision. 

CraftMaster application - In the period following the initial training, you will be able to communicate with the Master by specially created application called “Craftmaster PRO” which is an online education platform application. The application contains hours of tutorial video, text material, hundreds of pictures and examples that help students to learn everything they need to become a respectable professional.

In addition Official PhiAcademy London students gets:

·         Level 4 – Certificate in Enhancing Eyebrows with Microblading Techniques
·         2 Live mentoring classes during the 6 month period
·         Workplace for your first treatments on clients during your training period.



According the new regulations in United Kingdom which is been implemented recently, as of September 2018, every Microblading artist is required to obtain permission from the local council to undertake Microblading treatments and as well is required to held an Level 4 – Certificate in Enhancing Eyebrows with Microblading Techniques. This certificate can be obtained only in accredited training centres.
From the research we have undertake we become aware that those who want to learn Microblading technique are not familiar with the latest changes in regards the regulations, and as well the majority of trainers and Microblading schools do not provide information in regards the need and the possibilities of becoming certified. 


Is it hard to learn Microblading? - usually takes up to two months if student spend the necessary time practicing each day. Microblading is a skill and require practice and commitment. 
After graduation is it complicated to get clients? - To build up your customer data base will take some time. In regards the marketing challenges you will get all the tips and informations needed, during the training and as well you always can get guidance and all the support required from PhiAcademy London marketing team. Our students success is our success. 
Do I need to have previous experience? - Not at all. The course is perfect for beginners as well as for experienced ones.
Do you do any other specialised beauty trainings? - Yes we do. PhiSombre brows shading technique with a machine by Dovile Zilinskaite. Lips & Eyeliner training with Thorsten Kreiling & Kerstin Kreiling. Also PhiLings microneedeling training with Kristian Haden. Laser Tattoo removal training coming soon also.
How many PhiBrows masters PhiAcademy London have? - Dovile Zilinskaite is the only one PhiBrows Master in London academy.

For more detailed training information:

Phone (Viber; Whatsup): +44 (0) 7377376366

We are located in

7 Knightley Walk, London,
United Kingdom, SW18 1HB
Monday to Friday: 10 AM - 4 PM

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